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The Centre is actively engaged in plant based research on gene and protein sequence analysis, phylogenetic analysis, homology modelling and in silico drug discovery through molecular docking. Identification of agriculturally important plant based insecticides is being executed at the Centre. NGS analysis of major crops plants and agriculturally important bacterial strains also being performed.

The Centre collaborates with various institutes such as Computational Chemistry Group of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham University, Coimbatore and Amala Cancer Research Centre, Thrissur for computational studies and wet lab validation.

The Centre provided significant Bioinformatics related services to the scientific community inside and outside KAU by conducting various trainings, handling courses and providing research support. Skill development in Bioinformatics was achieved by providing nationwide sponsored training programmes through in house training programmes.

For the upcoming years, continuation of on-going R&D projects, NGS analysis of major crop plants and agriculturally important microbe strains, Exome analysis for quality components in crop plants, in silico analysis of Phytocompounds for the identification of biopesticides and their method of action, wet lab validation of docking results for drug development in collaboration with other National Institutes are planned.


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Bioinformatics Centre
College of Agriculture
IT-BT Complex, Kerala Agricultural University Main Campus
Thrissur Kerala 680656