Training curriculum

1. Recent approaches in molecular docking and its significance in drug discovery

Introduction to structural bioinformatics, retrieval of structures from structure database, secondary structure predictions, homology modeling: concepts and applications, structure alignment methods, molecular visualization, molecular docking and interaction studies.

2. Tools and techniques in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics

DNA isolation, restriction, amplification by PCR, agarose and PAGE, RAPD, SSR and ISSR techniques, immunoassay, gene cloning.
Database search and retrieval, sequence analysis (nucleic acid and protein), primer designing, diversity analysis, molecular docking and drug designing.

3. Methods and applications in sequence analysis

Database search and retrieval, pairwise and multiple sequence comparisons: relevance of pair wise sequence comparisons, concept of identity and similarity, substitution matrices, search tools, Protein sequence analysis and predictions: motifs: protein families and structure, pattern writing. Genome annotations: concepts and gene prediction.


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