Antidiabetic & Anticancer Medicinal Plants Database

The ethnic medicinal plants are a rich resource of natural drugs and they have been  the most exclusive source of life saving drugs for majority of the world’s population for several generations. Medicinal plants are being screened extensively worldwide, in an attempt to develop more effective treatments from the extremely complex molecular structures present in them. These plants represent a vast potential resource for anticancer and anti diabetic compounds. This database is a unified resource for plants and compounds that have antidiabetic and anticancer activity.

Cancer & Plant Derived Compounds

boxCancer is one of the main life-threatening diseases in the present time and increasing incidence of various types of cancer reported over the last a few decades has led to development of new anticancer drugs mainly by scientific exploration of enormous pool of natural products. In light of the continuing need for effective anticancer agents medicinal plants are increasingly being considered as source of anticancer drugs. The antitumor activity of medicinal plant derived compounds are based on mechanisms like inhibition of DNA topoisomerase enzymes, antiprotease or antioxidant activity, stimulation of the immune system etc.

Diabetes & Plant Derived Compounds


Diabetes is also one of the major diseases present in a large part of human population. The treatment of diabetes with synthetic drugs is costly and chance of side effects are high. Hence alternative drugs are required for the treatment. The antidiabetic activity of many plant derived compounds have been provided in this database which could be useful for further research.